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Springwise relaunch their web presence on Pugpig Site

springwise website

After having launched Pugpig Site just a few months ago, the team have been busy again, last week completing our migration of Springwise onto the new platform.

Since 2002, Springwise has been the global source for innovation intelligence – providing information on over 10,000 innovations from around the world. Over the last 11 weeks and with less than 30 days of effort, we migrated the Springwise team onto a shiny new, fully hosted platform which is now operated and maintained by the Pugpig team.

It’s lightning fast, beautifully mobile optimised and super simple to use. Not only that, but we’re also powering a brand new Pugpig Bolt Springwise app from the same CMS, which means the Springwise folks are able to push their content to their most loyal audience via a native app with zero extra effort – allowing them to push up engagement, loyalty and advocacy better than ever before.

James Bidwell, co-founder and chairman said: “We are really excited to have discovered Pugpig. They are professional, flexible and a pleasure to work with. They are also very good at their craft. The new Springwise website and app are world class – which is good news as so are the amazing innovations we discover every day. We love working together”.

Come and check it out here.