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Launch websites, digital editions and mobile apps in days with Pugpig

Our team will be there with you every step of the way, offering advice on your product strategy, getting you up and running, supporting you once you’re live and always making sure you get the most out of Pugpig.

Wired and Independent

One integrated platform, three awesome products

Best in class
Pugpig is the product of a decade of research and development by our very own tech heroes and industry experts. By licensing our platform, you’re buying into a service that is constantly evolving as the needs of the industry change.

Stable, secure and helpful
Our tech is hosted on AWS and managed by Rackspace. It’s monitored 24/7 and automatically patched to ensure it’s as safe and secure as it can be. And if you ever have problems or questions, our support teams in London and New York are on hand to help.

Standing on the shoulders of giants
Alongside AWS, we’ve got WordPress and Fastly under the hood (not to mention heaps of our own top notch tech), as well as plug and play integrations with best in class platforms to bring you subs, SEO, analytics, events, push and anything else your heart desires.

Pugpig Site

Site allows you to launch feature-packed, lightning-fast, SEO-optimised websites in days.

  • We work with your team to conceive, design and launch your website and migrate you from your old platform.
  • It comes fully integrated with Piano so you can include subscription and memberships services right off the shelf. We can also plug into other subs platforms if you prefer.
  • We have integrations with various 3rd party plugins, and the list will continue to grow.
  • You create content in our WordPress-powered Pugpig Pro CMS and every single page you publish works beautifully across phones, tablets and desktop.
  • All the content you publish can also be seamlessly deployed to your own Pugpig Bolt and Publish apps.
  • It comes with a rich set of analytics so you can measure what content and features are working best for you.

Springwise – The global source for innovation intelligence

How do you stay ahead of the curve? Check out Pugpig’s solution for Springwise’s challenge of keeping their readers engaged with breakthrough discoveries at least two years before they become mainstream

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The iconic and most influential magazine in the world – The New Yorker

Renowned for its in-depth reporting, political and cultural commentary, fiction, poetry, and humour, this weekly magazine digital edition is proudly powered by Pugpig

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Pugpig Publish

Publish powers beautiful, super sticky, responsive digital editions for mobile, tablets and web.

  • Launch beautifully responsive digital edition apps in days.
  • Create content in our Pugpig Express CMS, or feed straight from your own systems.
  • Every single page you publish works beautifully across phones, tablets and desktop.
  • Publish editions and live content in the same app.
  • It’s integrated with all the major app stores and can plug into your own subscriptions systems.
  • It comes with a rich set of analytics so you can measure what content and features are working for you
  • It’s packed with features including sharing, deep linking, advertising, puzzles, search, scrapbooking, video, podcasts, promotions and loads more.

Pugpig Bolt

Bolt gives you highly customisable, deeply engaging live apps for mobile, web and TV.

  • Revolutionise the way you engage with your audience on mobile
  • Bolt allows you to build beautifully simple branded mobile apps that properly embrace the power of mobile and will have your audience hooked
  • It provides a customisable set of curated widgets that surface stories, videos, podcasts, events, posts, promotions, products, advertising, sponsorship and loads more
  • It drives engagement, loyalty, affinity and advocacy
  • It supports a whole range of payment models from subscriptions to in-app purchases
  • It’s designed for your most loyal readers who want to snack on your content regularly and at any point throughout the day.

Slower and wiser news from Tortoise Media

How do you take the next leap forward in driving quality news? Tortoise’s combination of open journalism and membership is powered by Pugpig Site and Bolt

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How it all hangs together

All our tech sits on the same common infrastructure, powered by WordPress, hosted on AWS and secured 24/7 by Rackspace. It comes integrated with a load of third-party services, giving you the best of breed for whatever you’re trying to achieve.

Tech partners

Our philosophy at Pugpig is to partner with people who are smarter than us, and to that end, we work with the best technology platforms who can provide you with all the services you need to ensure you get the best out of your websites and apps.

From subscriptions management, analytics, push notifications and events to audience development and digital marketing tools, if you need it, we most likely already plug into it. And if we don’t currently work with one of your partners, just make the intro and we’ll see if we can work it out for you.

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