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The Intercooler, an automotive subscription app, launches on Pugpig Bolt

The Intercooler, a groundbreaking car and motorsport subscription app, has launched on our Pugpig Platform.

Intercooler App

We’ve recently launched The Intercooler, a “groundbreaking digital car magazine and the world’s first advertisement-free automotive subscription app” on Pugpig Bolt.

The Intercooler combines the best writers in the motoring industry- including automotive experts Andrew Frankel and Dan Prosser- with the very best stories about cars, motorsport and driving all in a convenient mobile app. Andrew and Dan previously created DriveNation, an Instagram-based car magazine, which quickly gathered a loyal audience of 40,000 readers. This grew and developed into the Intercooler app you can see today. Alongside original content from the best automotive writers, the Intercooler app also features exclusive video and podcast episodes, which will only be available to its subscribers.

The app has already received rave reviews with one reader commenting “Fantastic platform, brilliant writing. A modern digital magazine” and another stating “Genuinely interesting contributors and features. Regular updates and stories to keep you coming back. A slick, purposeful and informed product”. We’re so pleased the Intercooler app has been such a hit with its users. To check it out for yourself, download now on iOS and Android.

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