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The North American Guitar Connoisseur lands on Pugpig Publish

The North American Guitar, the “Home of the World’s Finest Guitars” finds its home on Pugpig Publish

The North American Guitar

We’re proud to announce the launch of The North American Guitar‘s brand new app ‘TNAG Connoisseur’ on Pugpig Publish. The North American Guitar has become renowned over the past decade, becoming the “Home of the World’s Finest Guitars” in Nashville and beyond. And what better way to mark this milestone than the launch of a Pugpig app?

The brand new TNAG Connoisseur magazine is digital-only and all editions are available in the app. Alongside editions, the app boasts regularly updated news, podcasts and videos, with a slick and smooth design that highlights the very best guitars to the most discerning players.  The North American Guitar uses a range of different advertising types seamlessly within their Pugpig app, as well as splash screens and handy bottom navigation. We love seeing our customers’ plans and ideas realised, and we know this new Pugpig app is going to strike a chord with TNAG’s loyal supporters and followers.

Available for download on Android and iOS now. Learn more about TNAG Connoisseur here.