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New Scientist relaunches Pugpig app to showcase their award-winning podcasts

We’ve relaunched the New Scientist app to deliver brand new audio content in every edition and showcase their award-winning podcasts.

New Scientist

New Scientist have relaunched their app and are now using Pugpig’s audio player to deliver podcasts and audio versions of their magazine to users. The app has been aesthetically revamped, with new ways to browse content and new areas of the app to explore using the bottom navigation. This audio work allows New Scientist’s Pugpig app to showcase their award-winning content and podcast section.

Since launching in early 2020, The New Scientist Weekly podcast has claimed multiple award wins including Publisher Podcast of the Year and Best Podcast Launch from the Publisher Podcast Awards. It’s also recently been shortlisted for the upcoming 2021 PPA Awards for PPA Podcast of the Year and has been nominated for the Best Innovation Award by the BSME Talent Awards 2021. New Scientist have now launched a hugely successful second podcast called Escape Pod. Here, Rowan Hooper and the New Scientist team discuss the wonders of the planet and all things good – avoiding any dreaded coronavirus-related news.

New Scientist’s Podcast Editor Rowan Hooper said that he was “delighted” that our audio update for New Scientist has given readers the “option of imbibing New Scientist magazine in an entirely new way: through your ears… for the first time in our 65-year history”. We’re thrilled to have transformed New Scientist readers’ experience of the app.

Download the New Scientist app now on iOS and Android, if you haven’t already. For more news and updates on our recent launches, take a look at our news page. And get in touch with our team if you’d like any more information.