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Aviation Week Network’s ShowNews app is the first to leverage Pugpig Bolt’s brand new ad capabilities

Bolt’s ad functionalities ensure the best offering across ad placement, targeting and sizing as well as ample opportunity for custom ads.

Aviation Week ShowNews app

Here at Pugpig, our product is constantly evolving in line with the needs of our customers and industry trends. We’ve been building out Pugpig Bolt’s ad functionalities to ensure we’re providing our customers with the very best offering across ad placements, targeting and sizing as well as ample opportunity to create custom ads. 

A look at the Aviation Week Network’s brand new ShowNews app… 

To that end, we’re extremely excited to launch Aviation Week Network’s brand new ShowNews app which takes full advantage of Bolt’s wide range of ad capabilities and was built in just six weeks from kickoff to launch. 

The app will replace traditional airshow publications and deliver an exceptional digital-first experience for attendees while giving Aviation Week Network invaluable insight into exactly who is interacting with ads and how they’re interacting with them. 

Data insights like these are absolute gold dust for advertisers and give companies like Aviation Week Network a reliable way of monitoring ads and in turn, enhancing their ad revenue. 

The app uses all of Bolt’s ad functionalities

The ShowNews app utilises every ad functionality our Bolt platform offers, from in-content ads to timeline ads. One key piece of custom work Team Pugpig did was ‘stitching together’ inline ad blocks, enabling Aviation Week Network to offer double size ad slots as part of their ad inventory. 

The content within the app is all feed driven and split into three separate timelines tied to each day of the airshow. This presents another stellar opportunity for ad targeting, with each timeline displaying specific ads corresponding to that day’s sponsor of the airshow.

For an example, if an OEM  were sponsoring day two of the show – all ads in the ‘day two’ content feed would be from that particular OEM enabling Aviation Week Network to provide a truly premium ad experience for their users and promise hyper-targeted ads for their advertisers and sponsors.

All ShowNews in-app ads are served and managed through Bolt’s Google Ads integration, and the app uses our Firebase integration for performance and analytics. 

Harry Phillips, Head of Product at Pugpig said:

“We quickly realised that ShowNews wanted to utilise our existing ads integration to its fullest extent and somewhat beyond. This led to us introducing greater control and granularity in their ad targeting, and more flexibility around formats and placements.

“This enabled them to strike the balance they wanted between ad viewability, an effective workflow and the end user’s reading experience. It’s a great example of our customers helping guide our product in a way that fulfils their needs and grows the product at the same time.”