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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution launches on Pugpig Bolt

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, commonly regarded as ‘the voice of the New South’, has launched their app on Pugpig Bolt. It’s one of the first on our platform to go live using Bolt’s brand new two level navigation capabilities and leverages off-the-shelf integrations with the likes of Arc XP, Airship and Piano.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution mobile app

The largest daily newspaper in the Southeastern US and prestigious title, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, has launched their mobile app on Pugpig Bolt. 

The AJC team approached us wanting to build a slick, smooth app that could support a wide range of content propositions and formats for their audience, along with the ability to have complete control over the design and visual look of the app. 

As a highly customisable and with rapid flexibility, Pugpig Bolt was just what they were looking for.

The app, which launched in January 2024, is one of the first on our platform to go live using Bolt’s brand new two level navigation capabilities. 

Two level navigation allows users to drill down even further and engage with specific content subcategories relevant to them with ease. For publishers, the feature helps busy newsrooms publishing a high volume of content improve content discoverability for a range of topics and subtopics. 

Categories and sub-categories are displayed as a two level navigation across the top of the app for an intuitive UX and are mapped directly from AJC’s website.

Our Professional Services team did lots of great work on the visual look of the app. This included designing engaging content timelines with lots of options for visually showcasing different types of content, from collections for columnists, sponsored content, a ‘don’t miss’ section and eye-catching multimedia carousels.

We further improved our Arc XP Curator specifically for the AJC app to easily mirror the content, layout, and structure of the website. This new tool will be extremely useful for our growing number of customers leveraging Bolt’s off-the-shelf Arc XP integration.

The app also leverages Bolt’s off-the-shelf integrations with the likes of Airship and Piano. 

Dominic Easter, Customer Director at Pugpig said: 

“Working with Matt and his team was a real pleasure – they were amazing, quick to act and extremely insightful. This certainly is an exciting launch for Pugpig, we’re thrilled to be working with such a prestigious US news media title and are excited for what the future holds.”

Take a look at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution app on both iOS and Android app stores.