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How Pugpig and Piano work together to drive engagement and subscriptions conversions

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Driving audience engagement and presenting the right messages, offers and prices to acquire and retain subscribers at the right time is no small task.  That’s where technology is here to help! Our digital publishing platform, Pugpig, and the digital business platform, Piano, have been working together on integrating our respective technologies to drive engagement and subscriptions for publishers big and small. Here’s a peek under the hood of what we’ve done so far in this presentation given in May 2021. Regardless of your existing technology platform, this session can help to spark ideas and learnings from case studies of other media organisations. Plus, we will answer that most poignant of questions – can pugs really play piano? 

In this session Jon Marks, CTO of Pugpig and Rupert Knowles, GM UK of Piano discussed:

  • Our technology partnership and how it benefits publishers
  • Case studies of digital publishers and the ways in which they are engaging and converting their audiences of readers and members
  • A behind-the-scenes tour of the back-end mechanics of how publishers use the platforms
  • The future of audience development strategies within apps

For a deeper dive into the specifics of the implementation, to learn more about how Pugpig can support audience engagement, or for a demo, please get in touch.