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Out of Office

Ep #4 Katie Vanneck-Smith

Welcome to Episode 4 of the Out of Office podcast, which covers the first of a two part conversation that I had with Katie Vanneck-Smith, ex-President of The Wall Street Journal and co-founder of Tortoise Media.


Katie and I took a walk in the fields of the South Downs near her home in Slindon, where we started by talking about her career at News Corp from her early days at The Times to her move to New York where she became president of The Wall Street Journal.

We talked about how she fell in love with journalism, how, in 2010 we built one of the world’s first paid news websites for The Times and how she helped grow The Wall Street Journal subscriber base to 3 million readers by April 2019.

In part two, we cover the creation of Tortoise Media and how she and co-founder James Harding have built a completely different newsroom, in the form of a membership business built around slow news, open journalism and live events.

Please do give it a listen and as always, please feedback, like, subscribe and tell your friends!

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