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Sir Linkalot comes to the rescue for parents and children

Sir Linkalot App

We at Team Pugpig can empathize with the challenges faced by parents with their children now at home rather than at schools. That’s why we want to shine a spotlight and give thanks to Andy Salmon and the Sir Linkalot app team for helping so many parents and children during this time. 

The Sir Linkalot app, that has free access during this challenging time, provides a fun yet effective way of learning in a number of disciplines, beginning with SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) with more subjects to follow. It features clever animations of beloved historical figures ‘Sir Linkalot’ and his partner-in-crime ‘Susie Lexicographer’ (aka Countdown’s Susie Dent) to help students of all ages commit to memory the spelling of those tricky common exception words from they, one and was all the way up to fulfil, manoeuvre and onomatopoeia. It is based on the concept of linking  – a unique take on the underused, yet hugely powerful, technique – a mnemonic.  

As a result, usage of this Pugpig powered app has shot through the roof, attracting thousands of new users and lots of positive feedback from its growing audience of thankful parents and carers. 

According to Helen from Basingstoke “I just wanted to write and say a big THANK YOU for this amazing app. Since finding out about it, I have been telling everyone to sign up. I am a Year 2 teacher – we’ve added the info to our school facebook. I’m a mum of a Year 8 child  who is looking at the higher levels of your things and absolutely loving it. I’ve told so many friends and family who have also signed up. Spelling is SO hard and you have made it fun, interesting and easy to learn. Thank you for working hard on the app and for your kindness in these difficult days of making it freely available. Well done to all involved!’”

CEO and Sir Linkalot himself, Andy Salmon, says… 

‘‘The holy grail in education is making learning a hoot. We’ve managed this by creating hundreds of 10 to 20 second fun and beautifully crafted animations assisted by some quirky tunes and the voice-overs of Sir Linkalot and Susie Lexicographer. It’s vital to keep children entertained, yet, much more importantly, educated in this difficult time for them and their families. We are getting some wonderful anecdotes of parents watching them with their children: ‘‘We look forward to our daily ‘Sir Linkalot time’ with our children.’’ said one mother.  We are very proud to have won the blue riband Oscar ‘‘Best Educational App’’ at this year’s Bett Show – the world’s no 1 edtech exhibition and a big ‘thank you’ goes to the Kaldor clan for creating such a great platform. Oh dear. I’m sounding like an Oscar recipient.’’