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Building a Subscription Business Masterclass series launched

The media landscape is seeing the full force of the current pandemic. While for some subscriber numbers are flourishing, for others, the impact of lost ad revenues is crippling. Both scenarios bring into question current business models.

In response to these challenging times, we’ve teamed up with a collective of publishing experts from Manifesto Growth Architects and Piano have built a series of free online masterclasses to support our long-held belief that subscription services are the best way businesses can move forward. Subscription businesses are aptly placed to retain customers, create diversified revenues, and adapt to changing market landscapes.

“The current crisis has only accelerated the need for publishing businesses to think differently about how they engage their audience. Monetising that relationship requires more agile thinking and execution. It might feel daunting, and will require a conviction to reframe the metrics of success. But readers crave, and will continue to pay for quality content. We want to share how it’s done; the collective learning of 3 businesses deep in changing the face of publishing, and some of our clients, will help you find the right solution for your business” says Nick Smith, Partner of Manifesto Growth Architects.

Jonny Kaldor, Co-Founder and CEO of Pugpig shares “At the heart of every successful subscription business lies an amazing product which draws people in, grabs their attention and forms a relationship with them that keeps them coming back time and time again. In this series, the Pugpig team, along with some of our industry friends, will be focussing on the product – how to conceive, design, build and launch commercially successful digital products that delight and engage your audience and that have real staying power.”

With decades of combined experiences in the publishing sector, these masterclasses offer free top tips to help businesses on their journeys, no matter their starting point. They are an opportunity to hear directly from experts on how to build and optimise a subscription business in the new media landscape. Guest speakers include Michael Kowalski, Head of Product at Tortoise Media, the innovative, membership-based open newsroom endeavour and Claire Evans, Senior Product Manager at the BBC.

The Subscription Series masterclasses begin on Wednesday, June 3rd at 15:00 BST, 10:00 EST. Masterclasses are free to attend online via Zoom and details can be found online at