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Pugpig’s Jonny Kaldor Discusses State of Digital Publishing Market with Media Voices Podcast

Media Voices

Our Co-Founder and CEO Jonny Kaldor spoke with Media Voice’s Peter Houston earlier this month to discuss insights from our first Pugpig State of the Digital Publishing Market Report, released in late 2020. In this Conversations episode of the Media Voices Podcast, Jonny covers highlights from our report and what to expect from 2021. This episode covers the effect of the pandemic on digital publishing, evolving content delivery, role of apps, reader habits and much more.

What we’re seeing is pretty positive, I have to say. We’re seeing increases in readership and engagement pretty much across the board…I think it’s not just the situation the world finds itself in, I think it’s also just that publishers over the last year, and I can specifically pinpoint customers of ours, who really do have a renewed energy in driving subscriber revenue and building products that will enable that, so I definitely see a shift.

Take a listen to the Media Voices Podcast here. And (if you haven’t already!), download our State of the Digital Publishing Market Report here.