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Engagement Economics Report – Sneak Preview at FIPP D2C Summit from Pugpig, Manifesto and In Digital

How can publishers best leverage engagement to drive subscriptions growth?

BASB Engagement Economics

Why is engagement a leading indicator of performance and how does this relationship manifest itself (and differ) across publishing models? How can publishers best leverage engagement to drive subscriptions growth? Pugpig have teamed up with Manifesto Growth Architects and In Digital to create a report entitled ‘Engagement Economics’ to get to the bottom of these questions and share what best practice looks like to drive meaningful engagement for publishers. This analysis is a further development of our masterclass and training information at Building a Subscription Business.

If you are a professional within a news media or consumer magazine publisher, we’d love to include your thoughts and perspectives on engagement based on your particular role within your organisation. We would appreciate it if you could fill out our 5 minute survey. Please note that your responses will be anonymised and aggregated with those from other publishers in those sectors.  

Join our Co-Founder and CEO, Jonny Kaldor in collaboration with Sam Jordan, EVP, Manifesto Growth Architects and Alex Lockett, Co-Founder, In Digital live during this online sneak preview session as part of the FIPP: D2C Summit on Thursday, June 24 at 11:00 BST, 6:00 EST. 

Not registered for the FIPP D2C Summit? We at Pugpig are excited to able to offer you access to the session (valued at £149 per person).  Just RSVP to Kim and we’ll get you set up. 

Does the time not quite work for you? We are also able to offer access to a recording of the session that you can view at your leisure. Just RSVP to Kim and we’ll get you set up.