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Caravan and Motorhome launch their latest app with Pugpig

In Summer 2021, the Caravan and Motorhome app introduced innovative adaptations following its launch with Pugpig Publish.  Supporting Europe’s largest touring community means providing both on-the-go, easy to read digital content. So, we have made accessing expert travel advice just that bit easier, with the implementation of distinct Pugpig features such as the enhanced PDF format.  This means HTML responsive articles are just a double-tap away. Want to revert to a flat PDF page again? Just double-tap.  Users of the app can benefit from a range of other Pugpig Publish features:

The CAMC app has made travel just that bit easier, resolving travel problems by its very convenience. Lost your membership card? No problem, just store it digitally on the app. Also, make bookings on the go, and look no further for Covid 19 travel updates. Already, users feel these features have made the CAMC app the perfect addition to accompany them on their adventures. With such innovations already underway, we are excited to continue developing the CAMC magazine app.