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Pugpig Bolt launches first app supporting right to left languages with CNN Business Arabic

This week, Pugpig launched its first app that supports right to left languages for a brand new customer, CNN Business Arabic.

CNN Business Arabic mobile screenshots

This week, Pugpig launched its first app that supports right to left languages for a brand new customer, CNN Business Arabic.

CNNBA were looking to engage users on mobile (not surprising, given that mobile app downloads in the UAE grew by 23% in the first half of 2022), and so approached us about building them a beautiful, premium mobile app. The Pugpig platform was just what they were looking for – rapid flexibility geared for a 24/7 business news digital platform. 

This was a project we were extremely excited about, and we were super pleased to be working with our friends over at 10up once again, using their great work on the CNNBA site to power the app content via a fully automated workflow.

Within the tight eight week timeframe, we customised, designed and launched (on both Google and Apple app stores) a sleek, engaging news app on Pugpig Bolt for over 400m Arabic speakers around the world. 

As well as our 10up integration, one standout element of this project was the scope of product development and custom styling our team did to support right to left language and the different user behaviours that come with it. 

Jonathan Richards, Head of Digital Product at CNNBA said: 
“We came to Pugpig with an urgent situation. The team responded quickly with a concise scope and moved fast into the build. The condensed timescale nor the fact that we were 100% in Arabic fazed them, and we were approved in the App Stores in record time. 

“It’s a partnership that will continue to deliver a premium experience with interactivity and content that makes a difference to our audiences’ lives. We’re very grateful to Pugpig for their support, hard work and genuine camaraderie.”

Jonny Kaldor, CEO of Pugpig said:
“We’ve been wanting to make Pugpig right-to-left friendly for some time now, so we were particularly pleased when Jonathan and the CNNBA team approached us and asked us to launch an app for them. That, alongside the opportunity to work with 10up who we have admired for many years, made this an especially sweet project for us. Let’s hope this is the first of many we work on together!”

We are beyond pleased with the results and look forward to launching lots more features with the CNNBA team! Plus, thanks to this project Pugpig can now support all right to left languages as standard.