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Attitude launches brand new app, now using both Pugpig Bolt & Pugpig Site to power their digital products

The world’s biggest LGBTQ+ brand, Attitude, has launched a brand new app on Pugpig Bolt. It plugs seamlessly into their Pugpig-powered website.

Attitude mobile app on Pugpig Bolt

The world’s biggest LGBTQ+ brand, Attitude, has launched a brand new app on Pugpig Bolt. 

The new and improved app plugs seamlessly into their website, which has been powered by Pugpig Site since 2022. This makes it super simple to sync content, subscriptions and overall user experience across the two products. 

How do the Attitude app and website work together?

Having both a mobile app and website powered by Pugpig Bolt has three key benefits. 

Firstly, both products are powered by one single editorial platform, meaning it’s simple to publish content across both their app and website within the same workflow. The Attitude team simply tags content via a tickbox to determine whether it’s app or website content (or both).  

Plus, both products use the same frontend. This means that any design or layout changes are replicated across both app and website seamlessly, while ensuring consistent cross-platform branding and user experience. And lastly, Attitude’s audience subscriptions sync up hassle-free across both app and web, making the user journey from unknown user to subscriber much smoother for their readers. 

Digital editions, content feeds, video and more

Moving on from a purely editions-based mobile app, the new app now features five content timelines covering latest, news, culture, style, and life, with the ‘latest’ feed curated from recent stories from across all category tags.  

Users have the flexibility to rearrange the order of category timelines in the top level navigation and completely remove timelines they’re not interested in, giving another level of personalisation to their app experience.    

PDF digital editions still feature in the ‘magazine’ section of the app, aimed at readers who prefer a reading experience akin to reading a traditional magazine. The in-app editions date back to 2008, providing added value for Attitude subscribers.

The app also features an engaging video hub which is driven by an RSS feed from their YouTube channel.

Dom Easter, Customer Director at Pugpig said: 

“It’s great to see publishers like Attitude really making the most out of our product suite here at Pugpig to drive their digital publishing strategy. With a new and improved app focused on boosting user engagement and a streamlined workflow between app and web, Attitude can deliver an even stronger content proposition for their readers.”

The app is now live on both iOS and Android app stores – take a look!