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Case Studies | Euromoney (BCA Research)

Euromoney's BCA Research launches highly custom app on Pugpig Bolt

Euromoney’s BCA Research app is a great example of the incredible range of customisation possible on the Bolt platform. From highly curated dynamic timelines to optimising their research reports for mobile, the work of our Professional Services team has been instrumental in improving the Bolt product as a whole, with some of these features now available for all Bolt customers.

Euromoney mobile app

About BCA Research

BCA Research is the independent global investment research and strategy advisor brand owned by finance giant, Euromoney. Since 1949, they’ve been using original macro insights from their research to help people with investment decisions. From global economics to equities and FX, the BCA Research app is a home for the latest reports and insights.

The main objectives

  • An app that’s in line with, and reflective of their digital presence online 
  • Added app functionality that’s not feasible – time and budget-wise – to do in house
  • Improve the reading experience across both mobile and tablet devices

What we did

Best in class audio functionality

One core requirement for the app was a high class audio experience. Thanks to Bolt’s seamless Amazon Polly plugin, all articles and reports have ‘listen’ audio capabilities for listening on the go. Plus, we built a dedicated media hub for their ‘BCA Quick Takes’ podcast and webcasts.

Built a unique content importer

Team Pugpig worked on a lot of unique features for the app, including an importer to allow the BCA editorial team to use their own API to feed content into the app with no additional effort. We also built out a seamless sign-in journey with the BCA SSO.

Worked closely with the BCA team

We thoroughly enjoyed working closely with the team on an app that has all the functionalities they initially approached us with. We worked tirelessly and collaboratively to find solutions their challenges and are very much looking forward to phase two of the project. 

The results

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Access-driven dynamic timelines

The BCA app makes a call to their internal authentication platform on initial login to identify the appropriate products that a customer holds access to, such as asset allocation or emerging markets. Based on this, we were then able to personalise the ‘my feed’ section of the app by displaying the appropriate timelines for each user.

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Seamless paywall implementation

Every day at 12:00 GMT the BCA team holds a live webcast in the ‘live’ section of the app which is only accessible to paying subscribers. We integrated their live player, provided by IBM, so users could watch these webcasts in the app and ensured there was the appropriate paywall messaging for people who didn’t have access.  

HTML and PDF reports

BCA’s reports are just one tool in their content library that see high engagement from their users. We made sure they look great across all devices with our responsive templates and added a ‘view as PDF’ button to enable readers to take a more classic approach to the reports, including being able to zoom in on chart and graphs.

“This is a big step forward for BCA”

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This is a big step forward for BCA – both in terms of the app experience/features and also having a partner who can support us and help us evolve over time. We really appreciate the way Team Pugpig has been willing to work with us on finding solutions.

Mark Cotton
Head of Product (Investment Research Division), Euromoney

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