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dmg media's inews app users view almost 16 screens per session

Pugpig's dmg media portfolio also includes The Knowledge and New Scientist. All three titles use the Bolt platform to deliver highly engaging, trusted content to thousands of loyal customers around the globe, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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About inews

Since becoming a standalone news platform in 2016, inews has been delivering news in an easy, digestible format to cater for time-poor readers. As well as trusted news coverage and fact checks, it also publishes opinion pieces amongst money, travel, business and sports news.

The main objectives

  • Give readers one easy place to access all of inews digital content, from live news and digital editions to puzzles and podcasts.
  • Fold web editorial content and newspaper content together in one mobile app.
  • Implement text to speech functionality across all content for readers who prefer to consume news on the go.

What we did

Skyline carousels to highlight opinion content

Opinion pieces are a key component of the iNews editorial strategy, so it was important for these to be a key focal point in the app’s live news feed. We used visual skyline carousels comprised of an image and headline to make them a standout element of the timeline.

Custom styling for ‘live update’ news stories integration

We carried out custom article card design work on live reporting/developing news stories so it’s as easy as possible for readers to stay up-to-date on the latest breaking news. The eye-catching design makes them stand out against standard articles.  

An engaging puzzles section

The inews app uses our Puzzler integration to easily build an addictive puzzles section to drive engagement. It’s reachable from the bottom nav, features today’s puzzles and looks back at the past week’s puzzles using our timeline navigation.

The results

Device screens icon

Almost 16 screens per session

The inews app has proved deeply engaging for users, as they view an average of 16 screens per visit. This really is a great demonstration of how blending live news and digital editions can be a huge win for your engagement levels.

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A beautiful range of branded elements and colours

Team Pugpig carried out a fair bit of CSS work to ensure the inews colours, styling and branding were spot on across the app. Colours, borders and card configurations effortlessly differentiate between sections.

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‘Listen’ functionality on every article

The team at inews know their readers love to listen to news stories on the go, so wanted to make this a standout feature of the app build. Thanks to our integration with Amazon Polly, every story is available as audio as well as text.

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