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Case Studies | The Pink Un

The Pink Un's app sees 82% trial-to-paid subscription rate, supercharging subscriber revenue

With over 48 monthly sessions per user, The Pink Un uses Pugpig to monetise their most popular content across audio and video and provide extra value for their dedicated team of followers.

The Pink Un mobile app

About The Pink Un

The Pink Un is the ultimate resource for Norwich City football fans. It began as part of two Archant titles – the Eastern Daily Press and Norwich Evening News and covers Norwich City FC latest news, match analysis and more. The Pink Un team haven’t looked back since launching their app with Pugpig Bolt, which is currently the most engaged mobile app on our entire platform.

The main objectives

  • Monetise audio and video content which was delivering little to no revenue being posted on free social media channels.
  • Create a direct, steady revenue stream to support indirect revenue from the likes of advertising, YouTube and the paper’s subscription models.
  • Build out their portfolio of digital-only subscription products along with Eastern Daily Press+ and Norwich Evening News+.

What we did

Worked particularly closely with editorial team

The project had great buy in across different departments – it was driven by tech and product, and also had significant input from the editorial team which made it hugely successful. Team Pugpig set up focused workshops with the editorial team to help them guide UX decisions in the app.

YouTube Live and comment functionality integrations

The Pink Un’s app makes great use of our rich list of integrations to give their users the best experience for watching sports. The app supports live streaming with the YouTube Live integration and also user comments thanks to its integration with our partner Coral.

The results

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Over 48 monthly sessions per user

With more than one monthly session per user per day, The Pink Un’s app is the most engaged app on our entire platform. This, plus the surge in digital subscriptions and great retention amongst existing users indicates a hugely successful mobile app for The Pink Un.

High retention among loyal followers

And it’s not just new audiences who love the app – their existing readers were impressed with it too. So far, the app has seen consistent month-over-month subscriber growth with extremely low churn – a testament to the premium quality, relevance and variety of in-app content.

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A surge in digital subscriptions

Since launching their app on Bolt, The Pink Un saw a huge boost in digital subscriptions which opened up a brand new revenue stream for them. Their initial subscriptions volume target was achieved within just three months of launch, which was well ahead of the projected schedule. 

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