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85% of New Scientist readers say the app played a part in their subscription renewal

Trusted, impartial news and a source for inspiration, New Scientist created their flagship digital product to appeal to existing customers and attract new, younger audiences.

New Scientist mobile app

About New Scientist

The world’s favourite weekly science and technology publication was established back in 1956 for “all those interested in scientific discovery and its social consequences”. Today, its footprint expands far further than just the pages of a magazine, using digital to reach new audiences and expand their content offering.

The main objectives

  • Attract new customers while retaining their loyal audience
  • Make the app the best digital product in their stable
  • As a subscription-based business, the team wanted to support subscription growth by adding value to their offering

What we did

More options for video, audio and dynamic text

Video and audio were a vital part of the app build – the team wanted to expand their content offering beyond the written word while keeping the existing magazine experience loved by their loyal print subscribers. The app uses various types of video cards and readers can listen to an entire edition at the tap of a button. 

Flexible new subscription options and exclusive content

The New Scientist team was on a mission to grow subscriptions. With the app came a range of dynamic app-only memberships, presenting a great opportunity to broaden their subscriber base and attract new readers. This also provided them with rich intelligence that would inform all of their digital products.

Technical support and confidence for the New Scientist team

Working with Pugpig meant the team could make tweaks and changes that would otherwise be challenging with their complicated technology stack. Plus, delivering the project successfully in a quick timeframe gave New Scientist the confidence to deliver similar projects in the future.

The results

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85% say the app played a part in their subscription renewal

We recently surveyed a big cohort of a few thousand lapsed New Scientist subscribers. One of our questions was whether the app played a part in their renewal and 85% said yes. 

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Subscribers increased 10-15% since relaunch

Since revamping and relaunching their mobile app, New Scientist saw an impressive 10-15% jump in paid subscribers. As well as lots more engaged readers from new audiences, this was a win for subscription revenue.

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Almost 10 minute average session duration

The relaunch was a hit with readers who now spend an average of almost 10 minutes in the app per session. The custom video and audio hub, beautifully formatted digital editions and a fully curated live feed were real engagement drivers.

“Pugpig are innovative and hugely supportive.”

Testimonial Author Image

Pugpig have been a strategic partner of ours for some time. They are plugged in, innovative, and hugely supportive.

Laurence Taylor
Managing Director, New Scientist